VZ Wireless

If you want superb service for your wireless communication needs in America, then you should choose VZ Wireless as your wireless service provider.

VZ Wireless or Verizon Wireless is not just the top wireless carrier in the U.S but a sought-after phone service provider as well. This is because Verizon provides fast and reliable network coverage to over a hundred million subscribers nationwide. Verizon is the first to provide wireless 3G multimedia services and wide-area wireless network. Now, Verizon is also the first U.S wireless carrier to use the latest technology in wireless network, the 4G LTE which is dominating the airwaves for providing blazing fast wireless internet connection.

Choosing VZ Wireless as your Wireless Service Provider in the U.S

You are probably interested in knowing what Verizon has in store for you. Check these out.

  • Coverage
    Verizon has built an outstanding reputation in providing reliable 3G network coverage in the U.S using CDMA technology. Recently, Verizon is using the latest technology in fourth generation of wireless technology (4G) known as Long Term Evolution (LTE). Although 4G LTE is not yet available nationwide, Verizon’s dependable 3G network is being used in providing network coverage outside the 4G coverage area.
  • Products and Services
    You will find a wide selection of high-end phones, Blackberry devices, smartphones and mobile broadband devices as well as accessories to suit your budget and needs. 4G-enabled phones and broadband devices are available too in addition its FIOS service which is a combination of multiple services such as Internet, TV and telephone service. You also get to find the right postpaid and prepaid plan for your phone and wireless internet needs.
  • Wireless connections
    So far, Verizon’s 4G LTE topped in all tests for the fastest 4G service, while its CDMA technology still dominates in the 3G network service.

What Does VZ Wireless Offer?

Regardless of your social status, whether you are an established retiree, student or employed individual looking for phone, internet or mobile wireless plan; you will find the perfect plan at Verizon.

  • Phone Plans
    There are plenty of phone plans to choose from at Verizon, for as low as $39.99/month for individual voice plan and $59.99/month for voice and text individual plan. Family Share Plan is also available with prices starting at $69.99/month and $99.99/month for voice and text family plan.
    But what if you want only pay for what you actually need? Then, prepaid plans are the best options, which cost $44.99/month for prepaid voice plans and $64.99/month for voice and text prepaid plans. Prepaid daily plans are also available with prices starting at $1.99/day.
  • Mobile Broadband Plans
    Postpaid and prepaid plans are available for mobile broadband plans. Postpaid plans for 3G mobile broadband services is available in three variations with prices starting at $30/month, while plans for 4G mobile broadband services are available in two plans with a price range that starts at $50. Prepaid mobile broadband plans are offered for as low as $15/day to $80/month.

So if you want to enjoy superb wireless service either for your phone or wireless internet access, make VZ Wireless your wireless provider and enjoy what millions of subscribers are experiencing with Verizon.