Straight Talk Wireless

Do you want to get the best value for your wireless phone service in the US? If so, make Straight Talk Wireless your wireless phone service carrier.

Owned by TracFone, Straight Talk Wireless gets GSM and CDMA support from top mobile network carriers to transmit their signal. They are using Verizon’s nationwide coverage for their CDMA models, while their GSM models use the networks of either AT&T or T-Mobile. Straight Talk is a well-praised phone service provider based on consumer reports due to their low rates and dependable customer service. Straight Talk’s wireless phone deals and airtime cards are exclusively available at Wal-Mart stores nationwide.

Why Choose Straight Talk Wireless

Here are several reasons why Straight Talk is well-liked by consumers.

  • Good Coverage
    Straight Talk’s phone service coverage is exactly the same with that of Verizon’s because they are utilizing Verizon’s cellular towers. Remember that Verizon is the top phone and wireless carrier throughout the US because of its strong and reliable network coverage. So with Straight Talk, you will get superb coverage for a price just right for your pocket.
  • Affordable Service Plans
    Straight Talk’s prepaid phone service plans are affordable and straight forward. Although they only offer two prepaid plans, they perfectly suit every need.  Plus, you get what you are paying for without the hidden fees.
  • No long-term Contracts 
    Contract is not required when getting Straight Talk’s phone service. You simply buy a phone from Straight Talk and a monthly prepaid phone card. Once your card runs-out, you may purchase an additional card or relinquish the service. Moreover, you can purchase another phone card before your service runs out and the new card will be added by the end of your phone service date.
  • Early Termination Charges
    Since there is no long-term contract, you will not incur $250 for early termination of agreement policy.

Straight Talk Wireless Prepaid Service Plans

Straight Talk offers what it calls “All you need” plan and “Unlimited Plan”. Let us take a look what these plans offer.

  • “All You Need” Plan
    This plan cost $30 and is good for 30 days or one month. With this plan, you will get up to 1,000 minutes of nationwide calls, 1,000 picture or text messages, 30MB of data allowance for mobile web access with free call to 411 and auto refill alternative. Using all your 1,000 nationwide calling minutes will only cost you 3.3cents/min.
  • Unlimited Plan
    If you want more calling minutes, text or picture messages as well as web browsing capacity, then you should opt for Straight Talk’s unlimited plan. This plan will only cost you $45 a month and you get to enjoy unlimited nationwide calling minutes, text or picture messages and mobile internet access without signing up for a long-term contract.

It’s not surprising why many are switching to Straight Talk Wireless for their prepaid phone service. Their plans are excellent whether you’re a light or heavy phone user. It lets you save bucks on your phone service without compromising network coverage. Visit the nearest Wal-Mart store in your place and choose among the wide array of Straight Talk phone deals and cards and enjoy phone service like no other.